Pashmina Origin

Chanthang GoatPashmina crafts were introduced to Kashmir by Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani. A 14th century sufi saint who travelled to Kashmir from Persia along with 700 craftsmen through Ladakh, the homeland of Kashmir goats, for the first time in history he found that the Ladakhi goats produced soft wool. He suggested to the king of Kashmir, sultan Kutabdin to start a shawl weaving industry in Kashmir using this wool. Afterwards weavers were brought from Turkestan which gave shape to Pashmina industry in Kashmir. The experience of craftsmanship and heritage passed on from one generation to another.

Kashmir goats are found high above 4000 meter in the Himalayan Chanthang region of Ladakh in Kashmir.

Due to the high altitude freezing winter temperatures reaching -30°C, these goats grow a super-soft, super-fine layer of fiber beneath their tough outer coat to keep them warm.

When the winter is over, these mountain goats shed this very fine layer of fur naturally, producing the world’s finest and most luxurious pashmina.