Pashmina Identification

1st Step – Watch carefully

Pure pashmina: lustre downy, floced surface plump, clear longitudinal transverse lines, uniform density.Identify1

2nd Step – Feel weight by hand

Pure pashmina feel weight very light, more clear when compare with wool product.Quality 2

3rd Step – By touching (hand/face/arm/skin)

Pure pashmina: surface density is about 60-70/mm, more fine than wool, so is silk smooth and soft when touching.quality3

4th Step – Catch by hand

Pure pashmina; is hollow, elastic, should be glutinous soft smooth and elastic when catch in hand tightly.quality 4

5th Step – Catch/grasping then let go

Pure pashmina: should be no wrinkled when grasping then let go, but restore flat smooth immediately.quality 5

6th Step – To burn a little

Pure pashmina is animal protein, it has burning smell on fire. The ashes is easily broken when lightly touch it./ to be powder wool or nylon ashes is knotted when burned.quality 6